Cutlery Made by Rada

“A Cut above the Rest,” that statement is very true in my opinion.  Rada Cutlery has been around since 1948.  You probably even have a knife or a set of knives from Rada that belonged to your mother, father, grandmother or grandfather.  I personally have three or four Rada paring knives that belonged to my grandmother.  They are extremely sharp, durable, and handy knives. They have definitely stood the test of time in my family.

In addition to the standard Rada kitchen knives, Rada has a line of other cutlery items like the vegetable peeler, spatulas, pizza cutters, and the unique knife sharpener. If you need it for slicing, dicing, or cooking, they probably offer the utensil that you so desire.

What makes a Rada knife so sharp?

Rada constructs their knives from a special formula of T420 High Carbon Stainless Steel.  This formulation ensures the ability to apply the factory razor sharp edge and maximizes the edge retention properties when you use a Rada knife.

Are Rada products dishwasher safe?

It is best to hand wash and dry all cutlery to protect the cutting edge. Dishwasher detergents will also stimulate the oxidation of the aluminum handles. While oxidation is a natural process that causes no harm to aluminum it will cause the handles to darken over time.

Where can I buy Rada Cutlery?

To buy a Rada knife you really should hold it in your hand and feel how well balanced these knives are and just how naturally they fit in your hand.  However, these knives are so well made that I feel you can order them online if you can’t find a local retailer.

What makes the knife sharpener so unique?

Two especially hardened steel wheels are positioned at the optimum angle for quickly restoring a sharp edge. All you need to do is pull the blade through the wheels a few times and like magic, a sharp edge is restored!  Even if you don’t believe that Rada is the best cutlery brand out there, you have to try the knife sharpener.  It works great for any knife blade.

Unknown Rada Cutlery Benefits and Facts

  1. If you’re like me then you have difficulty cutting onions.  It’s not because of the onion’s texture or the crying gas, but the smell.  It sinks into your skin and it will not wash off, it has to wear off.  Well I have discovered that if you, carefully, rub the handle of a Rada knife in your hands it eliminates the smell of onion and garlic quickly effectively.
  2. Did you know it is bad luck to give away a knife?  Some folks believe that if you give away a knife the recipient will cut themselves with the knife.  My mom always told me she was letting me borrow her knives.  I even gave her a penny one time to break the superstition.
  3. A dull knife will cut you faster than a sharp one.  This may seem like a myth to most, but I know first hand that it is true.  Keep your knives sharp for your safety and your cooking benefit.

Rada Knife Gift Set

Rada has a product for almost anything you need in the kitchen utensil-wise.  I have a feeling that once you use a product from Rada Cutlery, you will agree they really are “A Cut above the Rest.”

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