You Can Lose Weight Doing Chores!

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I just cannot believe how much this warm weather and all this rain has caused the grass in my yard to grow. Nature never ceases to amaze me. My grass was almost too long for my reel mower to cut through it this past weekend. Which brings me to the actual reason that I am posting today:

Spring, summer, and fall are my favorite months, not only because of the warm weather and my small container garden on the back patio. But because I shed all my winter pounds by making the little things count. I go on long walks down my street and since I have a small yard I use one of those retro lawn mowers (ya know the ones without a motor) to mow my yard. Talk about a work out, the first few times I mow every year I can feel it in my muscles. Luckily my yard is only .25 acres (minus the space my house, patio, and driveway take up) and is relatively flat. So I can get away with using one of these mowers to tackle my yard. I hate the sound of a lawn mower that has a loud motor and even more I hate wearing ear plugs, so using a reel mower is a win win for me personally.

Also, especially if it is a dry season, I save my bathtub water to water my plants with. Since my bathtub is on the 2nd floor this gets a lot of steps into my routine, and helps build my calves. And on an even better note it saves water. I do own a water hose and a sprinkler, but why waste water, particularly when it is already low?

If I have extra fruits and vegetables from my garden I pile them up in the basket on my bicycle in the fall and I ride through my neighborhood visiting neighbors and leaving them lovely edible gifts.

In the winter I usually quilt and catch up on the soaps. So the weight tends to start to creep on me. So if I’m feeling especially sluggish I will take my laundry out of the dryer and put it up one piece at a time (laundry room on main floor, wardrobe on 2nd). It’s the little things that add up to help you get in plenty of exercise. Trust me every calorie you burn counts.

There are so many little things that people can do other than just going to the gym (I personally hate working out in front of other people) that will help them to get into shape. And if your yard is the right size for a reel mower, you help save money on gas, and save the environment a little bit too.

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