Hot Shot Cattle Prod – A Review and thoughts on the use of a Hot Shot Cattle Prod

My husband owns a 250 acre farm where we primarily raise beef cattle. A few times a year we buy, sell or move cattle. Handling these large beasts requires good fences, a livestock chute and plenty of farm hands.

Due to their nature cattle are resistant to being handled or moved about. We have used canes, sticks or most anything we can find to drive the cattle but the handiest item we have to work with the cattle is a cattle prod.

As the manufacturer states “These livestock prods offer the easiest, most humane method of handling livestock. Strong enough to move the most stubborn animals yet does them no harm.” The also allow for a measure of safety since we don’t have to get close with the cattle.

Our preferred live stock prod is the Hot Shot SS36 Cattle Prod. Economical and effective this model gives a good “shock” and we so liked this model we purchased several of them.

We also like and use the Hot Shot Power Mite. This handy little cattle prod allows my husband to work in close with the cattle in tight areas.

Regardless of the type of cattle prod you choose please remember that they are only for use on livestock. They should never be used on dogs, cats or any other type of household pet. It goes without saying to never use them on humans. They are a tool, not a toy and injury can result if used improperly.

Large selection of products for the home, farm and outdoors.

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