Indoor Container Garden

container garden

container garden (Photo credit: lynn dombrowski)

I mentioned container gardening in one of my first blogs. Today I came across a blog that has some excellent information about container gardening indoors: Container Gardening Indoors for Veggies.

Container gardening inside is a great way to supplement your food budget with small vegetables, herbs, and some fruits. If you live in an area that doesn’t have a lot of space outside then this method will be great for you to try. It is also a good method to help grow crops during colder months since you can keep your plants warm inside.

First, pick out your containers. There are a lot of options. Your options include polyethylene plastic bags, clay pots, plastic pots, metallic pots/buckets, milk jugs, ice cream containers, bushel baskets, barrels, and planter boxes.

The container that you have chosen needs to have good drainage (drill holes in the bottom if you need to) and must be able to hold soil without spilling, it also needs to support the plants as they grow bigger, and should not contain any chemicals that are toxic to your plants or to yourself.

Vegetables: The best vegetables for indoor container gardening are ones that take up minimal space. Examples: carrots, lettuce, radishes, or crops that bear fruits over a period of time like peppers and tomatoes.

Be sure to have a place for your plants to get the proper amount of sunlight that they require. The amount of sunlight your home receives through windows will determine what types of plants you can grow.

Potting Soil: choose a lightweight potting mix for a vegetable container garden.

Be sure to keep your plants watered correctly. Do not under or over water.

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