Containers for my Flowers

The weather has finally started warming up and we’ve had a few beautiful days lately so I think it is time to get started on the containers for my front porch. I love coming home to beautiful flowers after a long day of work or getting back from running errands.

This year I wanted a more rustic look so I’ve purchased several metal pails in different sizes to use as my flower planters.

In order to use these pails as planters I carefully drilled holes into the bottom of them. This is to ensure that the water can drain easily so that my plants don’t become water logged.

After I drilled the holes I fill the bottom of each bucket with about 2 inches of gravel so that the dirt won’t clog the holes in the bottom up.

I also purchased the type of potting soil that is supposed to help with watering issues. Supposedly you can’t over or under water with it, but we’ll see.

When I go out of town for vacation I have some water cones to put into each plant so that they won’t wilt or die while I am away.

I have found an idea that I want to try out sometime:

The above photo was discovered on Flikr and is by Valerie Everett

I just need to figure out how to make and attach the hooks those buckets have, but are they not absolutely beautiful? I think this would look charming hanging along my porch railing.

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